Winner of two World Luxury Spa Awards 2019 – Day Spa (Africa). The Skin Spa is a place of calmness, tranquillity and warmth. Your well-being is our core business.

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The Skin Spa and Clairins – a beautiful partnership

Since 1954, the Clarins Group has used its unrivalled expertise in the field of beauty to offer consumers the safest, most effective products that deliver real results.

The Clarins Group has always made consumer safety a number-one priority. Believing in the true efficacy of plants, fifteen years ago Clarins decided not to use any ingredients of animal origin in its formulas. As such, they were one of the first cosmetic companies to do so. The raw materials used are checked during continuous controls, their innocuousness tested and verified through the most reliable methods. Each and every supplier is rigorously audited as well. Clarins, a company defined by its unique expertise in plants and respectful of biodiversity. Using the best plants in their optimal concentration, combining nature, science and respect to always create more efficient and distinct products, that is Clarins! It also has an innovative approach to efficient beauty, which contributes to well-being, balance and happiness. That which seamlessly combines products and targeted application methods.